Virtual Human Company
Simulate virtual characters that move, flex, and jiggle the way audiences expect. Achieve a higher standard of character realism with Ziva Dynamics.


Physics-based character simulation plugin that enables scalable anatomical virtual humans and creatures.


Pre-made Ziva human anatomy to help you iterate characters faster and achieve more stunning real-time results.

Better, Faster Virtual Characters

Advance your productions, pipeline, and brand with photo-realistic characters powered by Ziva Dynamics.
to Life
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"ZIVA was instrumental in helping Sony create the most realistic muscle and skin simulations for our CG characters to date. Pipeline integration was effortless and ZIVA's outstanding results speak for themselves."
Chris Waegner
CG Supervisor, Suicide Squad Sony Pictures Imageworks
"Creating realism in creatures and humans has always been challenging, ZIVA makes that journey much easier with impressive lifelike results."
Devan Mussato
Rigging Supervisor, ScanLine
“We've integrated ZIVA to our CFX pipeline recently. ZIVA’s support is very responsive and of high quality, with years of experience in how to best setup your FEM muscle sims.”
Pascal Chappuis
Head of Technical Productions, Image Engine
“ZIVA's FEM muscle and skin simulation was the last piece of the puzzle we'd been longing for to achieve realistic looking, physically plausible Creature FX.”
Theo Facey and Stephen Tong
Creature Development Team, Double Negative
"ZIVA is dramatically advancing the fidelity of real-time virtual characters. Pushing their technology forward aligns with the creative and technical vision at Epic."
Kim Libreri
CTO, Epic Games