Custom anatomical creations


Ziva Dynamics works with studios and production teams around the world to create virtual characters for remarkably believable games, VR, AR & MR experiences, feature films, and more. We combine our award-winning talent and technology to deliver real-time, anatomical characters that improve the way content is made.
"Creating realism in creatures and humans has always been challenging. Ziva makes that journey much easier with impressive lifelike results."
"Ziva is dramatically advancing the fidelity of real-time virtual characters. Pushing their technology forward aligns with the creative and technical vision at Epic."
"Ziva brings a level of realism to our Creature Simulations that was very expensive to achieve with previous methods. The further avenues of potential that Ziva opens up to us are truly exciting!”

The Enchantress: Suicide Squad

"Ziva Dynamics helped us animate Enchantress in a way that you look at her and you go, "How do you do? Wait, what machine…? [...] That was a big achievement."

– Mark Breakspear, VFX Supervisor, Sony Imageworks

Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them

'Graphorns certainly required a wide suite of tools to accomplish, from sculpting in ZBrush, additional modeling in Maya [...], and a new muscle system simulation with Ziva. “We actually built the creature to a really high level where you could actually go right up to its eye,” said Image Engine asset supervisor Barry Poon.'

– Coverage by Ian Files, Cartoon Brew, 2017

How We Create Your Virtual Human

The Ziva team leverages real-world physics, human anatomy, and our proprietary machine-learned technology to generate more realistic virtual faces and bodies. Our directors and creators are waiting to bring your next production to life in four simple steps.

STEP 1 | Collaborative Planning

Our tools are designed to generate more realistic results with much fewer inputs than traditional modelling and rigging. The Ziva team will help identify the most effective solution for your photo-realistic rig based on the budget, scope, and overall creative vision of your production.

STEP 2 | Anatomical Synthesis

Send us your character body mesh or 3D body scans and our system takes care of the rest, often in as little as two weeks. 

STEP 3 | Offline Asset Prep

Once we've created a high precision offline FEM simulation, the virtual human undergoes extensive motion training. Your poseable character will have a full range of plausible motion, deformation, and muscle and fat movement within days.

STEP 4 | Human Complete

Receive your custom, Maya-compatible virtual character. Your asset can be easily integrated into future pipelines and will save your team time and let you unlock the creative capacity to build more amazing experiences and tell bigger stories.

About Your Asset

All virtual humans are delivered as complete real-time, pose-able Maya-compatible assets, allowing for unlimited high fidelity compositions, shots, and shapes.

Within our Ziva Character posing plug-in for Maya, animators and artists can adjust muscular and biophysical parameters, including the frequency of dynamics, inertial mass (liveliness), and muscle flexing.

Our system generates everything from fully expressive faces and single limbs to complete, interactive human bodies. Unlike ever before, everyone can own, direct, and become an interactive, lifelike virtual human.


Versatile Applications

Virtual characters are being deployed in interactive content across a wide range of use cases and businesses. Ziva Characters are crossing over from gaming and film to medical simulation, sports science, teleconferencing, and interactive installations – and that's just the beginning.

+ Studio and Content Development

  • Generate flawless shapes and assets faster for your existing production pipelines with our offline character rigs.
  • Improve game fidelity with the Ziva Real-time solver. Currently configured as a plug-in for Unreal and Unity, you can now access Ziva-quality characters for your interactive experiences.
  • Make Pre-Viz and Virtual Production more believable by deploying Ziva Character rigs in real-time virtual production solutions for film and VR content development.

+ Talent Management and Individuals

  • Monetize your likeness in new ways and appear on-stage, on-camera, or in-game without even going on set. A personal Ziva Character will give you - or the talent you represent - the ultimate contingency plan in situations where they can’t make an appearance.
  • Secure your estate, protect your brand, and ensure your virtual self exists with a digital double of you – capable of all that you do and more, virtually.

+ Retail and Installation Experiences 

  • Populate your digital experiences with believable beings. By giving users a feeling of familiarity within interactive environments, VR, and AR experiences are no longer lonely events.
  • Effectively demonstrate personal ergonomics and experiences with true-to-life characters. From anywhere, users can see exactly how they'd fit and interact in their new kitchen, car, or office based on their unique proportions.
  • Display the perfect fit for fashion. With true anatomy informing all Ziva Characters, you can show the exact fit of apparel and footwear based on unique, real-life forms. From activewear to haute couture, let your customers see precisely how garments will crease, hug, and drape on their bodies.

+ Sports Science

  • Achieve greater athletic performance visibility with biophysical simulation solutions. Ziva Character rigs are informed by real human kinetics and anatomy, allowing you to properly analyze the human body in high impact situations.
  • Compare and normalize training data to in-game performance by comparing motion and movement of athletes between captured training data and uncaptured, free-flowing in-game effort.
  • Assess the risk and potential of proactive injury prevention and post-injury recovery programs by simulating movement and motion on unique body types. Demonstrate resultant stress and strain on muscles, joints, and the overall human body.
We're partnering with companies and brands in every market to build captivating experiences and discover new ways to simplify, improve, and enhance the way everyone interacts with the world.