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ZIVA Real-Time – Andy Van Straten VR DEMO


Life-like characters in real-time. Create more believable experiences.

Ziva virtual humans run in fully interactive environments with our Real-Time algorithms. Our solver is shipped as a plugin configured to work in off-the-shelf game engines. We also work with leading teams to optimize Ziva Real-Time implementation in proprietary game engines to maximize performance in software architecture and target hardware specs.
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Ziva in google Daydream

The hyper-detailed Grapphorn in Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them was built using Ziva for the film and is demonstrative of a transmedia asset.

Step 1:
Character Sourcing

You can start with either an offline ZIVA VFX character that you’ve made or a fully prepped Ziva Character rig, built by Ziva, based on your models.

Film assets can work in games or VR, and vice versa.

Step 2:
Real-Time asset

If you’ve already had Ziva produce a Real-Time Character rig, you’re ready to go.

If it’s your Ziva model, we use our proprietary machine learning framework to optimize your offline rig through animation simulations. The more animation data you can contribute, the more robust the real-time motions will be.

Step 3:

Along with your fully responsive character, we’ll equip you with our real-time plug-in, either for Unreal, Unity, or your chosen platform.
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Game Engines

We are discovering new ways to unlock Ziva Characters, everywhere.

We work with studios to upgrade the quality, speed, and creative processes of their character development. In addition to Unity and Unreal compatibility, the Ziva team can build custom solutions for proprietary game engines. We are dedicated to optimizing solutions for your software architecture and hardware targets to facilitate the full potential of Ziva Real-Time.
Beta release
Plugin Version: 0.7 (beta)
Compatibility: Unreal 4.14

Integrates into Unreal as a custom skeletal mesh component, compatible with Unreal's existing workflows.
Alpha release
Plugin Version: 0.1 (Alpha)
Compatibility: Unity 5.5

Integrates into Unity by adding a Ziva solver component to the existing skinned meshes in Unity projects.

Your Engine

Custom build

Our Real-Time solver is currently CPU-bound and delivers a powerful visual experience.

We’d be glad to work with you and optimize an implementation for your custom game engine.

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