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Chris Godsall

Chris Godsall

Ziva Dynamics Co-CEO, Chris Godsall is a seasoned organizational leader, innovator, and expert in technology commercialization. For over 20 years, Chris has been dedicated to supporting great teams that create value for technology customers while managing accelerated innovation development.

Initially, I thought Ziva's innovation plan was pretty ambitious. That’s usually a polite way of saying that the scope of an innovation or its development schedule are a bit unrealistic. And yet, in less than a year, Ziva turned a raw, elaborate idea into high functioning commercial software that is changing the way characters are created for VFX and games.    

Ziva aims high – with its customers and its community in clear view – and delivers. I think that’s the sort of company people want to work with. It’s the sort of company a lot of people want to be a part of these days. The idea that our work helps talented teams create better movies, games and VR experiences – that’s a big deal to us. It’s also a great way for our team to make the most of their talents.     

The culture at Ziva is all about innovation and about creating something new.  Day-to-day we’re completely focused on how our customers can elevate their creative work using Ziva technology. That’s what drew me towards the people here. I wanted to work with a team that shared a really big vision and a commitment to making a measurable impact on our market. That’s exactly what I’ve found here.