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Crawford doran

Crawford Doran

Crawford Doran is a Software and Game Developer with over 8 years of top-level industry experience. Crawford’s work has contributed to movies such as Maze Runner and Deadpool, and console games such as Captain America: Super Soldier (Xbox360/PS3). His approach to VFX emphasizes agility and automation in order to meet the constantly-shifting needs of production with a quality end-user experience.

Working at Ziva has allowed me to explore bold new paradigms in character animation that aren’t constrained by production quotas or other external limitations. It’s given me the ability to take risks and try new things in the field I love, something that was sometimes frowned upon at other jobs. Right now, I’m building a real-time animation engine that learns how to behave based on physics-based character models. I couldn’t have even dreamed of embarking on such a cool project prior to meeting the Ziva team.

I love Ziva's forward-thinking approach to technology; to me, it’s a breath of fresh air, as well as an exciting challenge. At any other company, you aim to meet the demands of the client. At Ziva, we aim to offer them something they didn’t even know was possible. Of course, that approach can be a gamble since you don’t give them what they were initially expecting – but the end result is far, far better.