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Essex Edwards

Dr. Essex Edwards is an accomplished scholar and developer with a Master's Degree and a PhD in Computer Science from The University of British Columbia. Specializing in physics-based animation, Dr. Edwards’ fascination with simulation has led him to develop groundbreaking software for the VFX and VR industries.    

When I joined Ziva back in April, 2015, it was nerve racking to leap from a predominantly academic background into a role that has direct, immediate influences on the VFX industry. I hold a PhD in Computer Science, and the majority of my professional life has been spent in a university lab. But now, as we speak, I’m making software that is being used on sizeable movie productions across the globe. Seeing teams adopt our software and have it immediately improve their production results is a very new and humbling experience for me.  

My entire academic career was motivated by a desire to tackle complex physics, mathematics, and computer-graphics problems. At Ziva, that’s all we do, so the fuel is endless. The algorithms behind our products are not simple. They’re finicky and sensitive, and it’s been my job to wrangle them into something tame, obedient, and easy to adopt. It’s essentially a combination of everything I’m passionate about, paired with a real-world application that has the potential to impact the world. How cool is that?