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Jernej Barbic

Dr. Jernej Barbic is a university professor with over 15 years of practical research experience at USC, MIT and Carnegie Mellon University. He has authored over 20 research papers, been selected as one of the “Top 35 Young Innovators in the World Under the Age of 35” by the MIT Technology Review, named a Sloan Fellow, and contributed large amounts of free open source software, most notably, his free deformable object library, Vega FEM. Dr. Barbic’s insight in fast simulation, deformable objects and virtual reality position ZIVA to become a world leader in character design and visual effects.

Prior to joining ZIVA, I spent the majority of my professional life researching and teaching. Although scholarly work fulfilled my love for academia and discovery, as my exposure to the visual effects industry widened, so did my interest in making a greater, more visible impact on the digital world. It is time to push the recent computer animation research, both mine and those of others, to productive use in the real world.   

I have always wanted to create a startup company. I have been reading books on the topic, attended seminars, to the point that I even started giving courses to MBA students on intellectual property and startups, despite being a computer science professor. Now, I am in charge of developing products that have real-world applications and are being actively adopted by real production teams across the globe. As ZIVA’s Chief Technology Officer, I appreciate the range of talents on my team. Regardless of the impressive titles or years of experience, no one person knows everything. We all share and learn from one another, making for a strong, unrelenting team of creators.