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Lonnie Kraatz

Lonnie Kraatz is a character expert. Having led digital character rigging and creature development for blockbuster film and game productions for over 20 years, he is a passionate practitioner with in-depth knowledge of all character and prop elements that span the realms of anatomy, animation, computer science, performance, and behavioral psychology.

I have been fortunate enough to mold my craftsmanship in Character Rigging while working at leading film/game production studios, from Weta Digital, Sony Picture Imageworks, and Disney Animation, to EA, and Spark Unlimited. And yet, Ziva is a whole new ball game.

I remember, back in 1998, when I was working on Trespasser, the Jurassic Park game, we were exploring the first small bout of physics-based software with inverse kinematics replacing animation. Since then, I’ve always been curious when and how the concept of physics enriched performances would be reinvented and made more widely accessible. And now, here I am – part of the team leading that movement.

I cannot wait to see all of Ziva'ss groundbreaking business visions materialize. Our art direction and scope are a seamless balance between art and science, and we’ve built innovative technology as the bridge. We’re making something that the wider industry has yet to even realize it needs and are creating a very real demand for simulation advancement. It’s time for a new approach to character creation.