Ziva Anatomy

The virtual Human Body

Download ziva anatomies for Biophysically correct characters

Accelerate your pipeline with our premade Ziva anatomy. Ziva virtual anatomies empower your studio to iterate characters faster, to rapidly create shapes and assets in your character pipeline, and to achieve stunning real-time characters.

Ziva Anatomy is available for immediate download through our Anatomy licensing framework. 

Choose your body

Our virtual human anatomy is currently available in two forms, Max (male) and Ada (female).

Both characters feature full biophysical anatomy with preset collision and density attributes that mimic natural physics and motion.

Download anatomy

Once you have the assets you’ve selected, you’ll receive the base Maya files along with all of the necessary Ziva metadata and physics information that make up this anatomy.

Your select body can be used for large scale commercial productions or small indie projects. Scaled pricing options available.

Subscribe for Upgrades

You can also add a Ziva Anatomy subscription, giving you complete access to ongoing upgrades from Ziva.

Available updates will range from small, single joint improvements to full body versioning and improved functionality.

Video Games & VR

Empower film-quality characters in everything you do. With Ziva Anatomy, every interactive production will be at the forefront of virtual character work.
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Film & Television

Achieve the highest level of character realism in every production. With Ziva Anatomy, you'll consistently enrich your original productions, prequels, sequels, and spin offs with best in class technology.
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