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Ziva's recent Animation R&D tests produced shocking results...

The fastest frame rates ever.

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After 8 months of development, we've made a puppet that runs

over 2.4x faster than
the industry standard.

After 8 months of development, we've made a puppet that runs

over 2.4x faster than
the industry standard.

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The Results:

Recent speed tests conducted on Ziva’s R&D animation puppet, Lila the Cheetah, produced frame rates that consistently DOUBLED the industry standard (Maya, Autodesk).

In addition to reliably faster frame rates on standard single puppets, further testing showed big performance gains when multiple, high-resolution puppets were loaded into a single scene. 

Our benchmarking tests compare the FPS within the Maya viewport of Ziva puppets and equivalent Maya puppets. All tests are run on CentOS 7 Linux in Maya 2018.

Download Ziva Puppet

Test Workstation: Intel 4-Core i7 4790k @ 4.00 GHz
GPU: NVidia GTX 980 Ti SLI
RAM: 32 GB

Single Low Resolution Puppet:
45,000 vertices


Right out of the gate, a single lo-res Ziva mesh performed 92% faster than the Maya mesh, hitting 196 frames per second, rather than 102, nearly doubling the standard.
see White PAper

Multiple Lo-res Puppets:
45,000 vertices

Up to

On average, Ziva’s Lila puppet frame rates surpassed the Maya standard by 121% when additional lo-res puppets are added to a single scene. Maximum speed gains of 141% (2.4x).

Maya's standard frame rate falls below 30 FPS after 5 puppets are loaded into the scene. Meanwhile, 10 Lila puppets can be loaded while still maintaining 30FPS.
see White PAper

High Resolution Puppet:
655,922 vertices


When puppet resolutions are increased, the Maya standard continues to be outperformed. A single hi-res Lila puppet runs at 142 FPS, 1.6x faster than the Maya standard's 85 FPS.
see White PAper

Multiple Hi-Res Puppets:
655,922 vertices


When more puppets are added to the scene, Lila consistently runs about 70% faster than the Maya standard.

With a peak performance of 79% faster and a low of 67% faster, double the quantity of Lila meshes can be loaded per scene without dropping below 30 FPS.
see White PAper
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