3D Face by Ziva Dynamics
Original Actor Footage

Novel 30fps video capture inputs

Lifelike facial deformations driven by completely new video footage.


Arbitrary Actor Selection
Select any actor as the rig’s sole animation source. This individual will conduct all facial motion inputs. Model to actor likeness is arbitrary.


Live Facial Performance
Drive the Ziva Face at live events with a single head-mounted, monocular camera on your actor. Out perform all existing real-time face technologies on the market with immediate and 100% faithful motion.

Novel Video Footage
Drive your asset with a video recording of the actor taken with a monocular camera during standard motion capture sessions. Effortless and non-interruptive to your typical character workflow.


Continued Artistic Control
Easily adjust your facial model with your own artistic tools. Ziva Deformation Transfer system allows for continued development and iterations without diminishing trained facial results.

Complete Scalability
Rapidly apply the deformation / motion results of one Ziva Face to a second, third, or hundredth additional character. The results are repeatable, scalable, and owned by you.

Setting a new standard for real-time faces


Effective Real-Time face models require more than accurate reconstructions. User control and video input independency make it easy for animators to achieve the results they need with minimal intervention.

ZivaRT Face Parameters – complete flexibility and artistic control.

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ZivaRT Face Parameters – complete flexibility and artistic control.

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A new standard for Real-Time facial performance

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