ZIVA VFX 1.0 Release Announcement

Ziva Dynamics, the Virtual Human Company, announces and celebrates the release of Ziva VFX 1.0 for Maya.

June 7, 2017
Vancouver, BC

Ziva Dynamics, the Virtual Human Company, creators of groundbreaking human and character simulation software, today announced the release of Ziva VFX 1.0 for Maya. This battle-tested software has been in commercial use by large film, game, interactive, and technology companies since March of 2016. Results achieved through the use of Ziva VFX have already been featured in blockbuster films such as Ghostbusters, Suicide Squad, Fantastic Beasts, with various other film and game titles in production.

“The release of 1.0 signifies a giant leap forward for our company, for our software, and for the results that our customers will be able to achieve,” said co-founder and co-CEO James Jacobs. “In this significant update we’ve added some key features that add detail and quality to characters, and make it a lot easier for creative teams to take their creature and virtual human work to the next level.”

Some of the key features included within the Version 1.0 release include:

SubTissues - which give greater control for volumetric material authoring.

Cloth - Ziva’s fully implicit cloth material model has moved out of experimental mode and is designed for simulating fascia and skin in realistic ways.

Volume Fractions - Ziva’s simulation behaviour remains consistent at multiple resolutions.

 LineOfAction - makes it easy to automatically control muscle excitation.

Various creation, caching, collision, and authoring speed improvements

To celebrate the release of Version 1.0, Ziva is hosting a gathering on Thursday, June 15 at the EXP venue next to Ziva’s Vancouver HQ. 

Ziva offers solutions that rapidly improve and accelerate the speed of realistic character creation, while additionally raising the quality of Real-Time characters. Once “Ziva-fied”,  characters can be deployed as transmedia assets for use in virtual production, games, VR, AR, and other interactive formats.

Ziva’s technology has been adopted by acclaimed Visual Effects studios that include: Scanline VFX, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Image Engine, among others.

“With our tools, film and game companies have been able to achieve really compelling results,” said co-founder, CTO and University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering professor Dr. Jernej Barbic. “These results are not limited to virtual humans and photo-realistic characters. We are also seeing some amazing soft-tissue simulations with companies working on animated features.”

Dr. Barbic contributed his expertise in real-time computer animation, simulation, and solid mechanics with the experience of SciTech Academy Award winner Jacobs to create technology that puts the power of realistic simulation in the hands of creative professionals.

“Version 1.0 is really an indication of the amazing results our customers have been achieving, and the feedback we’ve received from them along the way,” said Jacobs. “We’ve released over a half-dozen updates to the software since we started to sell it commercially, and there are many more exciting things to come.”

About Ziva Dynamics

Ziva Dynamics is the virtual human company. Ziva’s proprietary virtual anatomy and biophysics simulation platform provides groundbreaking technology and software for companies involved in creating high-quality content and designing virtual experiences for humans. Founded in 2015, Ziva’s technology is used by leading film, entertainment, retail, and consumer brand companies around the world, creating content and experiences for millions of people.

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