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Dedicated to characters? Join us.
As the industry's leading character simulation company, Ziva puts innovation and dedication above all else. Our team is made up of hardworking, intelligent individuals who are inspired by results. Whether they specialize in building the software, telling the story, or getting the tech into the hands of artists, every Ziva team member plays a pivotal role in forging new paths in the graphics world, and complimenting the strengths of the rest of the team. Together, we venture into uncharted technological territory and find better, faster ways to make great things. If you can't get enough of virtual characters and want to be apart of something big, we want to hear from you. 

To learn more about working at Ziva you can contact us at jobs@zivadynamics.com. You can view our currently available positions below. If you don't yet see a role that fits your path, but you think you'd make a great addition to the team, please don't hesitate to get in touch – We're always open to new ideas.





We work closely with leading studios, brands, and innovation labs that prioritize great results above all else.

Shared Objectives

We listen to their big character ideas and identify the technological obstacles that stand in their way.

USE CASE Planning

Then, we find out how our technology can be expanded/shaped to fulfill and exceed the needs of their end vision.

Technology Growth

Finally, we build the tools to make it all possible. Advancing our technology for all users and partners.

Our Release Criteria

As we continue to expand our toolset, we have devised strict criteria to assess and qualify all of our development and product plans, at every step of the pipeline. The standards are high and only the top features and platforms make the cut.

The 2 x 2 Rule

To ensure all features and products have realized value, we must verify that the new solution will be employed on at least two upcoming internal projects for at least two weeks. We believe that all releases must have near-term/immediate applicability

The 2 x 2 Rule


If we’re increasing the functionality of an existing tool, the usability should never be threatened. If a proposed change may jeopardize the user-experience, we are compelled to find a more balanced solution.



User-centeric design is a key driver for our development team. We already created an entirely new approach to realistic character simulation, making it easy to adopt is a must.



We do not believe in cutting-corners or ‘smoke and mirrors’. The Ziva Team must unanimously see long-term value in anything we make publicly available. We must be proud of what we’ve built, 10 years down the line.



We enjoy building tools to accomplish new, obscure use cases. However, we believe the solutions we create never be limited to only a single application. We aim to build tools that serve the most unique demands while still filling a deficit for wider applications.


Beta Testing

We always seek to have qualified outside-eyes review our products as they grow. This lets us kill bugs, make use-case specific improvements, and discover greater applications for our tech. Interested in being part of a Ziva Beta Program? Click here to learn more.

Beta Testing

Want to be part of the Beta Program?

The Ziva Product Roadmap

It is important that our clients and partners understand our approach to productization and see value in our methodology, so they can foresee what is to come and properly plan for success, alongside the Ziva Team.

If your team would like to review the upcoming Ziva Dynamics Product Roadmap, you can request visibility here. This Beta annual view can help your team start strategically developing internal project plans that incorporate our newest tools and capabilities.
  • Upcoming Products
  • New Features
  • Bug Fixes
  • Monthly Breakdown
  • Product Release Dates

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