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Ziva Characters

Ziva virtual characters are pre-made assets that can empower you to iterate characters faster and rapidly create shapes and assets in your game or film character pipeline. We classify our virtual characters by Humans (Max & Ada) and Creatures (Zeke the Lion, Pete the Horse, etc.). Assembly instructions for Ziva characters can be dependent on each individual's build, but they do follow some basic procedures and guidelines. Before working with any of the Ziva characters, please go through the General page which has a detailed description of a typical character pipeline and the various passes. Then, you can proceed to the documentation page for your Ziva character for more specific details. If you do not already have your Ziva Character, you can visit the information page here for pricing and additional information.

All virtual characters are delivered as pose-able Maya-compatible assets, complete with detailed UV coordinates and standard animation file(s) so you can quickly visualize the realistic bending, stretching, flexing, and jiggling of the virtual bodies. Within our posing plug-in for Maya, animators and artists can adjust muscular and biophysical parameters, including the frequency of dynamics, inertial mass (liveliness), and muscle flexing. By following the setup instructions provided with each character, you will have a fully functional rig that can be adjusted and animated to suit the needs of your feature character.

Game studios can access Ziva Anatomy for unlimited characters within a select title per studio location. For additional titles or studio locations, additional licensing is required. Similarly, film studios of all sizes can create unlimited characters for their upcoming titles, per studio location.