Mr. Ink Notes

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Free Asset

If you are assembling Mr.Ink, Ziva's free tutorial asset, there are a few differences to keep in mind. For all other rig specifications, please refer to the General Setup page.

To open the bones setup for Mr.Ink, all users must have the plugin loaded. This plugin file is provided in the "Plugins Folder" in the Mr.Ink .ZIP file and is compatible with all Maya versions and OS. The plusing is used to rotate Mr.Inc's scapula bone, based on shoulder/clavicle orientations.

The Bake file provided with Mr.Ink are for reference only. Users can open the bake files to preview and test the final results of the simulation. We encourage all users to practice driving the reference bakes to see the simulation in motion. To do so, user can open the muscle file, for example, and drive it with the bones bake.