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Beta applications: Closed

all Characters, at scale

Currently under development, the Ziva Character Platform features groundbreaking new procedural anatomy transfer and real-time asset conversion tools. We want to thank all of our Beta Program participants for their feedback, enthusiasm, and support. The ZCP Beta Program is now closed.


Ziva's character data models make it possible to transfer anatomy and anatomical properties from one creature to another similar creature with ease. The only inputs required are the external 3D model of the target creature and a source creature made with complete Ziva anatomy and physics.

An elephant can become a lion can become a horse, and more. And for humans and other bipeds, the process works the same way. The possibilities for new characters are endless.

Interested in gaining early access to the Ziva Character Platform?

Existing Ziva customers can take advantage of the ZCP technology today. Simply let us know a bit about your creative objectives and we’ll get back to you with a platform overview and detailed pricing information.

Want To test ziva real-time?

The Commercial Beta Program let's game developers and studios evaluate the power of the Ziva Real-Time solutions, at their own pace. The tiered program structure grants you access the full capabilities of RT tech while learning how it works and how it can enhance your pipeline.
Level One:

Game Play

See the final results of Ziva Real-Time in the interactive Max Run PC game. Make him walk, run, and jump with outstanding realism.
Level Two:

Character Inspection

Like what you see? Take a closer look at our interactive character asset in the Real-Time Player. Pose him and see how stable he is.
Level Three:

Character Training

Train Max or your own ZIVA VFX character with the Beta Developer Tools. Animate your character with our Ziva RT Training.
Final Level:

Real-time Integration

Export your premium game character into leading off-the-shelf game engines, including Unity, Unreal, and Lumberyard.

Limited Access

The ZCP Beta Program let qualified studios leverage the industry's leading interactive character technologies, before the rest. So your studio can get a head-start on the next big title.

Instant Results

See the end results, from the start. All qualified Ziva Character Platform participants can receive a complete demo of the Ziva Real-Time results as soon as they join. So you can see exactly what is interactive results are possible, before moving forward.

Support & Feedback

Participants will receive priority support by the Ziva Team. We ensure prompt software user assistance for all ZCP questions and detailed result feedback from our experienced team of TDs and Developers.

Input & Change

The feedback from our Beta software users is invaluable. Your input will directly shape the final versions of the Ziva Character Platform. Let us build a solution that meets all of your studio's needs and accelerates your pipeline.

Faster adoption

The Ziva Team is happy to help your studio discover the best approach for ZCP pipeline integration, based on your unique creative objectives. We work collaboratively with our users to make adoption effective, fast, and integral.

How to get involved

Thank you for your interest in the Ziva Character Platform. Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting new applications for the Beta Program.

We want to thank all of our past Beta Porgram participants for their ongoing support and interest in Ziva technology and the future of character creation.

Together, you're helping carve a new standard for scalable, high-quality virtual characters across all entertainment platforms.

If you wish the leverage the advanced ZCP toolset in the future, we suggest that all customers acquaint themselves with the anatomical simulation practices found in ZIVA VFX, our flagship character software.

Extensive integration testing conducted with our Beta Program participants proved, time and time again, that the most effective ZCP results are achieved by those with the greatest knowledge and understanding of simulation character creation.

Fore more information about ZIVA VFX, click here.

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