Ziva VFX Plugin Installation

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License Installation

To install your ZIVA VFX Plugin,  login to your Ziva Store account on store.zivadynamics.com and click on the top right dropdown menu that has your account name on it. From there, click 'Licenses'. Then, select the license Ziva product you wish install.

On your select license's page, scroll down to see the list of files to download and view. Download the new Windows Installer .exe for automatic ZIVA VFX 1.3 installation on your Windows computer. The Windows Installer is compatible with all versions of Maya.

If you are not on Windows or would like greater installation control, please select the Windows .ZIP or Linux .ZIP download option. Upon clicking either of these options, a drop down menu will appear where you can specify the OS and Maya version you are using. Click 'Download' and your file download will be prompted.

Since the VFX plugin is distributed as a Maya Module, you need to make sure the content of the downloaded file is inserted directly into your Maya Module Directory. To find out where to locate your Maya Module Directory, you can go to the Autodesk website and find the correct path for your computer. So, for example, if you’re just in Windows, you’ll want to extract the files into My Documents/Maya/Modules. If you don’t see that directory, you must create it. 

Now, go to the extracted package. You can find the plugin folder and continue inwards until you reach the ziva.mll file. This is what you must load into Maya. To achieve, this, simply open Maya and click on the Settings ---> Preferences ---> Login Manager. Here, you can use this browse function to browse to the ziva.mll file. 

Once you open that you’ll see a Ziva and Ziva Tools in your top menu bar. These tool bars have al the ZIVA VFX functionalities. However, if you do not yet have a Ziva License installed on your computer, none of the Ziva toolbar functions will work. Follow the next set of instructions to learn how to complete your Node-Locked or Floating license installation.

For more detailed instructions on installing Maya Modules, please see Autodesk’s page on “Installing the module”.

April 21, 2017

Hi All, my name is Antoine Cunningham and I'm a Creature Animator and a Creature Rigger and I'm new to this Community, and I'm also new to the tool Ziva. Anyway, I just download the Ziva plug-in and installed it. But after installing it, I got this Error message: / Error: license authorization failed...

April 17, 2017

Hey Everyone, A question came up around where to install the Ziva VFX plugin and license file. Here are the instructions - we will also add it as a README in the download. After you complete the online registration process, including selecting the appropriate version for your OS and version of Maya, download and uncompress the zip file...