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Getting Started

Basics: Getting Started & Setup

❏    Join the Ziva Community – Our team is available 24/7 for online support and feedback.

❏    Install Ziva VFX & your new license – We've made it easy with step-by-step tutorial videos. Contact for setup assistance, if needed.

    Browse the Ziva VFX Documentation – The Ziva VFX Documentation is full of beginner tutorial content and detailed setup information.

    Check out past webinar recordings – Webinars 001 & 002 feature full demos of the character setup process for each pass.

Focus: Practice & Skill Building

    Practice on a Demo Scene – Ziva Tools menu comes loaded with built-in practice scenes. You can see the complete sequence of MEL commands used to make each demo. 

    Download Mr. Ink and The Jellyphant – Once you know the basics, start simming on a free, pre-made Ziva asset. Refer to the Character Setup notes to compose your character.

    Follow the weekly video tutorials – Learn faster with topic-specific tutorials lead by Ziva TD Andy van Straten. Each video features the free asset, Mr. Ink, so you can follow along with ease.

    Attend a Live with Ziva Webinar – Hosted every month, this is your chance to have your questions answered live by a top Ziva TD and learn the best simulation strategies and tricks, for free.

    Refer to the “Simulation Topics – Check out the Ziva VFX Documentation manual for a more detailed description of each topic and multiple.

Build: Creating, Sharing, Evolving

    Start building your own simple character! You can use the general procedure to help setup your passes.

    Remember to treat what you are solving as real physical objects.

    Share your progress on the Ziva Community – Get real-time feedback and inspiration from Ziva TDs and fellow creators.

    Download free animations – Check out the Ziva Free Store for complimentary animation files and more.

    Browse the production-ready assets – If you're looking boost your production even more, you can skip the building and go straight to animation with Ziva's simulation-ready characters.

Success: Making the Most

    Improve your pipeline with zBuilder – This is a set of open-source python tools for manipulating Ziva VFX scenes.

    Join the ZIVA VFX Referral Program – Earn a free 1-year ZIVA VFX Indie License when you successfully bring Ziva to your workplace!

    Share your feedback with a Ziva product manager – Our product team is ready to hear your feedback and build out product roadmaps that meet the needs of our top users.

March 18, 2018

Hello. I have been lurking on the forum for a while now. Reading every thing I can while laying out my muscle geometry. I would like to download the 60 day trial and see how far I can get with it. But before I download the trial, I am trying to get the muscles laid out properly. I have been trying to think about how I will attach the muscles in Ziva while sculpting. But I am not sure if I am doing things properly. It feels like my muscles are filling up to much of the characters volume...

June 23, 0108

Hi @andy_vs ! Im student and learning rigging... you said script can be written for the blendshape attachment!...and im new to if you could share some basic script on that, it would be very helpfull and i can learn my way up from that! Thank You..and if your not able to that okey!