Subscription Licenses

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did Ziva switch to a subscription model for Studios?

Thanks to the invaluable feedback we’ve received from the Ziva Community this past year, we’ve developed a technology roadmap that truly aligns with our customers and their production needs. We’ve learned an enormous amount from our early and recent customers, and from the VFX community at large.

Thank you from the bottom of our codebase.

Key elements in our growth strategy include the rapid expansion of our toolset and increased software accessibility for all of our users. It is with these factors in mind that we forged the new ZIVA VFX Studio Subscription model.

We’ve released 4 new versions of our software in the last year (with one quick hotfix, thank you 1.0h2!), and with such accelerated technology growth, we’re doing all we can to standardize everything - this includes helping you build your skills quickly and efficiently. As such, we want to encourage users to never stop mastering their craft, and to always be prepared for our latest iterations. The new subscription model ensures that everyone is equipped with the leading Ziva tech and using the best solutions, at all times.

Similarly, by streamlining the license extension and update processes, we’re allowing our users to continue simulating easier. The intuitive subscription flow makes it simpler than ever to integrate, interpret, and proliferate the value of Ziva tools in any workflow.

Lastly, keeping with the concept of distinguishable value, Ziva wants to bring greater value to smaller teams. Our previous pricing model had upfront fees, volume pricing, and reduced renewal costs that were ultimately aimed to encourage multi-license adoption. It was more costly for us to support earlier versions of Ziva - and by extension, easier to support studios with lots of licenses. But we have the machine pretty well-oiled now, so we want to extend those efficiencies to all studios, no matter the team size, budget, or project. Our new $1,800/year pricing allows everyone to buy and renew ZIVA VFX with all the same benefits and without any of the confusion, all while saving anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand bucks in license costs.

Q: How does it work?

It’s pretty simple. On the Ziva Store, simply add the “ZIVA VFX Indie – Monthly (Subscription)” or "ZIVA VFX – Annual (Subscription) item to your cart. Then, check out as usual. You’ll receive your license immediately!

If you have a monthly subscription, you’ll receive an inbox notification from us every 30 days – make sure we’re not in your junk box! – letting you know that your next month’s license is ready for download. Once you’re ready for your next license, simply download it as usual and you’ll be all set.

Q: How do I pay for my subscription licenses?

For both Indie and Studio subscriptions, we recommended paying with your credit card. This makes it easy to complete the recurring monthly or annual transactions without any annoying paperwork. It also ensures that you get your licenses at the right time, on the right day, without delay.

However, we understand that some studios prefer to use other payment methods, such as wire transfers or electronic fund transfers, so it now possible to pay for Annual Studio Licenses using such options. After the first 365 days of your Studio Subscription License, we'll simply send you a new invoice along with your new annual licenses. This option is not yet available for Indie Subscription Licenses.

Q: Do Subscription Licenses include updates/new versions?

Absolutely! Your subscription licenses are open to all version types, at no extra cost. Just remember to always download your most recent  license so that you’re able to use the plugin, in the first place.

Q: What if I forget to download my new Indie Subscription license at the start of the month?

We realize that many creators don’t have 24/7 access to the internet. To help with that, we’ve added an extra 5 days to each “1-month” Indie Subscription License. This way, you will never lose any days of Ziva VFX access.

Q: Are Indie Subscription Licenses based on the calendar months?

You'll receive a new monthly Indie Subscription License 1-month from the time of your subscription purchase. So, if you subscribe on August 5th, you’ll receive a new license 30 days later, followed by another 30 days, and so on so forth. The start of the calendar month has nothing to do with your Ziva licenses.

Q: Is a Subscription License or one-time license better for me?

It’s a personal decision, but subscription licenses give you the ease of paying a small portion each month, rather than a larger lump sum upfront. Not only is it easy on the wallet, the subscription model also lets you save money if you’re not planning to use Ziva VFX for an entire year (... although we think you should).

Q: What’s the difference between Indie licenses and Studio licenses?

Good question! Simply put, Indie Licenses are for single creators working on independent projects. In Ziva’s eyes, that means any production with under $500k in total annual revenue or funding. All of your reel work, passion projects, and smaller side hustles should be a-ok. As such, Indie Licenses are all node-locked and accompanied by unique Terms of Service written solely for independent creators.

On the other hand, if you're working on a project that will be used on any medium to big budget production, by law you must use a Studio License to complete the work. Subcontractors and freelance artists are still bound by this term as long as the assets are used for commercial productions exceeding $500k in total annual revenue or funding.

There are other perks to studio licenses as well, such as having access to Batch Licenses (our non-interactive licenses used for render farms), gaining server-run studio compatibility, and only requiring a single download each year. For more information, you can visit the Ziva VFX main page here.

Q: Can I work at a studio but also have a Ziva VFX Indie License?

We expect most of our dedicated users to use Ziva VFX professionally and leisurely. That said, your Indie License cannot be used to work on any studio assets. We recommend using your at-home Ziva VFX Indie License to build your skills, work on your own creations, and complete your personal R&D.

Q: What happens if my credit card information changes?

If a subscription license payment cannot be processed, your next licenses will not be generated. We’ll notify you if we encounter any obstacles with your account payments.

Q: What do I do if I need to cancel my subscription?

We understand that the demand for Ziva in your workflow may change over time. If you find yourself no longer in need of awesome rigging tools, you can simply contact the Ziva Team to end your license subscription. You will not be refunded for any previous orders/payments. However, we'll make sure you don't get charged for the upcoming month (for Indie Subscriptions) or year (for Studio Subscriptions). We recommend contacting us at least 5 days prior to your next subscription interval to ensure your cancellation request is addressed in time.

Q: Can I subscribe for a pre-set duration?

No, you have complete control over you account as is, so it’s totally up to you when you want to stop receiving access to ZIVA VFX. We’re here to help you make the most of your license, but we can’t help limit your access… if it were up to us, you’d never leave.

Q: Do perpetual studio licenses still exist?

Yes, all new and existing users can still access the Ziva VFX perpetual licenses. These licenses offer lifetime access to the Ziva VFX plugin, including complimentary software updates for the first 12 months. After the 12 months, however, new software versions will not be made available without the purchase of an annual subscription license ($1,800/year). We highly recommend that users only use the most up-to-date versions of our software since our technical support team and education material will only reference the most relevant and advanced Ziva techniques and tools.

Additionally, old software versions may not run on the latest versions of Maya. This is completely out of our control. If your perpetual license has surpassed the 365-day update period, you will not be able to receive more recent versions, regardless of its Maya compatibility or lack thereof.

Q: How do License Extensions work?

License extension are only available for existing Annual Subscription license holders (Studio, Indie, or Academic) who are interested in purchasing additional year-long licenses (Ziva VFX or Batch). When a returning customer adds a new Ziva VFX subscription to their cart, they will be prompted with the option to redeem an Extension for their existing licenses (at a discounted rate). This will make it so the new and existing licenses all renew/expire on the same day next year.

The purpose of this promotion is:

1) Simplify the license management & accounting for our customers
2) Thank our returning customers with a discount

The amount saved will depend on your new order size and the number of licenses you are looking to extend. The savings will be calculated directly in your Cart, so you can easily alter the order as needed to get the best savings. Most extension will receive 20% off the prorated days.

Once the order has been completed, the customer will receive the new license(s) AND the extension license. The extension license file will automatically adopt the same MAC address as the existing license. The file itself should be placed in the same folder as the existing license. DO not delete the existing license, as the extension will only begin working after the old-expiration date. For more questions or information please contact us at