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The Ziva Character Platform enables existing Ziva customers to unlock groundbreaking new procedural anatomy transfer and real-time asset conversion capabilities, so they can begin to create countless characters, faster, for more medias.

Ziva's character data models make it possible to transfer anatomy and anatomical properties from one creature to another similar creature with ease. The only inputs required are the external 3D model of the target creature and a source creature made with complete Ziva anatomy and physics.

The Ziva Real-Time solver, on the other hand, optimizes your ZIVA VFX rig to perform correct movements with complete secondary dynamics, in real-time. Simply use the Ziva RT Training plug-in to animate your character and it will self-learn a wide range of plausible motion, allowing you to freely pose your character with accuracy. The more training data you contribute, the more robust the real-time movements will be. Real-Time assets can be used by:Animators: Animating high fidelity characters In our Maya Real-Time Player.