Damping update tip:

When zSolver.maxNewtonIterations is greater than 1, the dynamics were often under-damped. The dynamics are correctly damped now, which will result in some simulations appearing more damped than before. To recover similar results to previous versions, decrease zSolver.stiffnessDamping and zSolver.massDamping – possibly to the new default values: 0.001 and 0.0 respectively.

Maya 2018 Speed Notice:

Maya 2018 has a performance bug causing meshes, that normally take a few milliseconds to process in Maya 2016, to take multiple seconds in Maya 2018. This is independent of Ziva's plugin and can easily be triggered entirely with built-in deformers.

If you're using more than 1 simulation substep per frame (zSolver.substeps > 1), then this Maya problem may be triggered and can significantly slow down everything.

The workaround is to set Maya to playback at the same rate as the solver substeps. For example, if zSolver.substeps = 4, then set "Playback by" in the Time Slider preferences to be 0.25 = 1/4 to match.
Damping tip for Ziva VFX v1.4
Having speed issues in Maya 2018?

Speed + Realism

Instantly generate simulation-ready creatures with the new Ziva VFX 1.6 Anatomy Transfer toolset. The fastest, most scalable character workflow. Click here to see how it's done.

Simulation-Ready Assets

Take your production to the next level with high-quality, anatomical Ziva characters, ready for simulation and animation. These advance builds are made by the talented Ziva Team and will help expedite your creative process.

Case Studies: 
Dancing on Ice

Learn how teams of all sizes are leveraging Ziva technology to simulate high-quality characters, like the FABLEfx bear cub, for TV, film, and VR. Subscribe to the Ziva newsletter for case study updates and exclusive content.

Bringing the top characters to life

"Ziva software was instrumental in helping Sony create the most realistic muscle and skin simulations for our CG characters to date. Pipeline integration was effortless and ZIVA's outstanding results speak for themselves."
Chris Waegner
CG Supervisor, Suicide Squad Sony Pictures Imageworks
"Creating realism in creatures and humans has always been challenging, Ziva makes that journey much easier with impressive lifelike results."
Devan Mussato
Rigging Supervisor, ScanLine
“We've integrated Ziva VFXto our CFX pipeline recently. Ziva’s support is very responsive and of high quality, with years of experience in how to best setup your FEM muscle sims.”
Pascal Chappuis
Head of Technical Productions, Image Engine
“Ziva's FEM muscle and skin simulation was the last piece of the puzzle we'd been longing for to achieve realistic looking, physically plausible Creature FX.”
Theo Facey and Stephen Tong
Creature Development Team, Double Negative
"Ziva is dramatically advancing the fidelity of real-time virtual characters. Pushing their technology forward aligns with the creative and technical vision at Epic."
Kim Libreri
Chief Technical Officer, Epic Games
"We've been using Ziva for a while now and on several shows we have going here. It's brilliant and fast and useful for so many things that are not just muscular related. It’s the new ‘need-to-have’ software here."
Tim Mackintosh
Head of Animation and Creatures, Rising Sun Pictures


Physics-based character simulation plugin that enables scalable anatomical virtual characters.


Pre-made Ziva Characters help you iterate faster and achieve more stunning, plausible results.

Tutorial video | 6:53


Volume Preservation

Ziva’s advanced volume preservation capability is one of the key features that enables Ziva users to achieve more realistic deformation results than with any other character rigging software on the market.

Our plugin offers multiple ways to control, adjust, and perfect your tissue’s volume preservation levels using the built-in Material parameters.

Ziva Webinar | 43:04


Muscle Rigging Demo

Tutorial video | 9:23


Automated Muscle Firing

Tutorial video | 12:28


Fat & Skin Workflow

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