The Next Generation of Games

ZivaRT is powering the next wave of AAA game assets by merging the quality of Hollywood's simulated characters with the speed and interactivity of the leading game engines. First title release: March 30, 2021.

Captured performances editable
using animator-friendly parameters

High performance Real-Time Faces with ziva

Ziva Dynamics is developing the most accurate and scalable real-time face technology leveraging proprietary deep learning / ML. Check out the recent R&D results driven with 30fps video footage.


Ziva VFX

Physics-based character simulation technology for best-in-class assets.

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Ziva Characters

Ready-made character simulations for your next film production or game title.

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Partner with Ziva to bring world-class virtual characters to your next digital experience.

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R&D / beta

ML FAces

Accurate and scalable 3D faces for real-time productions. Powered by ZivaRT

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ZivaRT in the News:

The Next Evolution of AAA Games

ZivaRT is changing how game companies and character franchises conceptualize, interact, and monetize their trademark characters. Stay tuned to discover how ZivaRT makes this all possible.
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Spiderman, Marvel: Realm of Champions, Goldtooth

Hollywood's Leading Film Assets

Ziva VFX technology is powering the leading characters in film, episodic, and advertising productions. Ziva is introducing new speed and quality standards to the VFX world.

Technology partners for unforgettable experiences

We collaborate with fellow innovators to introduce best-in-class character technology to their industries. Our advancements in character authoring, development, and deployment are helping bring unforgettable, platform-independent characters to experiences everywhere.
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