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Founded in early 2015 by Academy Award winning VFX pioneer James Jacobs, Ziva Dynamics is changing the way computer-generated characters are made, applied, and empowered.

Our soft-tissue simulation technology enables creators to generate characters with innate secondary dynamics. Users can replicate the effects of physics, anatomy, and biomechanics with purpose-built tools and intuitive methodologies, and by mirroring the elements of locomotion, everything jiggles, moves, and stretches the way audiences expect. Studios, brands, and independent artists can replicate the real world unlike ever before, in any digital media.

Ziva technology is improving CG results around the world. Studios across North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia are leveraging our groundbreaking tech stack to make more life-like characters for blockbuster movies, indie films, and interactive games.
Ever since the first CG limb appeared on a fuzzy screen over three decades ago, artists and creators have sought to push the limits of plausibility and create more visceral animated experiences. With Ziva, storytellers and visionaries can blur the boundaries between art and life by achieving transmedia virtual characters that move and emote just like us.
The benefits of Ziva technology impact every step of the artistic process by offering greater control, speed, and capabilities to all 3D character creators.

co-ceo & founder James Jacobs on ziva vfx

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