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“We found Ziva is an intuitive, easy to use and powerful off-the-shelf tool-set for high end VFX Creature work; FEM muscle and skin simulation was the last piece of the puzzle we'd been longing for to achieve realistic looking, physically plausible Creature FX.

While we were evaluating Ziva, we found James' team to be extremely supportive and it was clear they had a thorough knowledge of the challenges we face in production. This is why Ziva is such a well rounded solution:The integration of the Ziva Plug-in into Maya is seamless, providing an interface and workflow that feels instantly familiar to Creature TDs, and lowers the learning curve when picking up such a powerful piece of simulation software. 

The physical properties of Ziva, and its flexibility, allow us to not only simulate muscle, skin and fat but also many materials such as rubber, jelly, cloth and steel. We're also pretty excited by the provision of an API that will allow us to leverage the Ziva libraries in many areas of our pipeline.Ziva brings a level of realism to our Creature Simulations that was very expensive to achieve with previous methods, but the further avenues of potential that Ziva opens up to us are truly exciting!

Theo Facey – Head of Creature Development
Stephen Tong  – Build/Creature/CG Sequence Supervisor
Double Negative

"It is the best 'muscle' plugin we found. It brings extra realism to our creatures via physically plausible muscle FX.

We found the Ziva team support level to be very responsive and of high quality. They provide years of experience in how to best setup or get a good handle on your FEM muscle sims that filters straight to our artists to facilitate their ramp up time and throughput with this new powerful tool. 

This is what our CFX artists are saying about it: 'With our previous method of creating muscles and skin simulations, it would take more iterations to bring the simulations to a realistic level. Right now I don't have to worry about the basics as Ziva gives a good first pass from which we can refine the results of the muscle/fat simulations. This is a great improvement to have Ziva integrated into our workflow.'”

Pascal Chappuis - Head of Technical Productions
Image Engine

"Ziva is dramatically advancing the fidelity of real-time virtual characters. Pushing their technology forward aligns with the creative and technical vision at Epic."

Kim Libreri – Chief Technical Officer
Epic Games

"Creating realism in creatures and humans has always been challenging, Ziva makes that journey much easier with impressive lifelike results."

Devan Mussato – Rigging Supervisor
Scanline VFX
"Hello, I'm Louis Vottero. I'm working with Sinking Ship in Toronto. I've been working with Ziva for a couple months off and on and I really enjoy it."
"Hi! I'm Charles, vfx supervisor at Magno, a little company from Spain. I downloaded your demo yesterday and I've been testing it....god....you people are amazing!"
"Hi I'm Michael.
I'm a CG Supervisor at Darkhorse10. 
I've been a TD at most of the studios in Vancouver and Montreal over the last 11 -12 years. Got introduced to Ziva after seeing Loni make some great stuff at Sony. Joined a new studio to build a pipeline from the ground up the way I like. Building the CFX workflow around Ziva is part of that.
I'm also really jazzed about the non-commercial license."
"My name is Timur, currently working as VFX artist at Snap inc. Very excited about the opportunity to try the Ziva masterpiece!"
"Hi everyone. My name is Khalil Khalilian ,I've been working in animation more than 10 years in Iran and now I'm working as a rigging TD in MPC. With Ziva you can make your character more realistic than before!"
"Hello all. I'm Tom Lear, I've been working in 3D for close to 20 years. I'm currently helping with a startup that makes anatomically correct 3D models of prehistoric creatures - I've already done a couple of rigs using Maya's native muscle system, and now I'm hoping to go above and beyond with Ziva. Lots of questions, working my way through the beginner tutorials, and I'll definitely be checking out the next webinar on June 6th."
"Heya, I'm Lasse Rasmussen, currently employed at One of Us in London. I've been evaluating Ziva for the past month or so for an internal project as part of expanding our creature pipeline, and I've been super impressed so far."
"HI I m Christopher Macwana. Currently working at Prana Studio at Mumbai as a lead Rigger. Was playing around with ZIva last week. Its an amazing plugin, straight to point where actually an artist need to focus removing all the other technical hurdles."
"Hi ! I'm Tristan ! I'm a freelance remote rigging worker from France ! I'm making my new reel with Ziva and it rocks !!! I've seen Andy's tutorial about skinning with n cloth and I want to say thank you for that!!"
"It has been such a great experience working with ZIVA VFX. it's the best tool for muscle simulations and general tissue systems. It's an amazing tool and you guys did a great job."
"So excited about this great tool you have made available, I've loved the results in your demonstrations. I've been rigging now for the past 12 years and this is really looking promising. Looking forward to share progress on my side with your tools.

I'm currently the TD for Chocolate Tribe in South Africa and we are studio based in the hart of Johannesburg doing VFX across the globe. Love it. Great job guys."
"Arman here. I'm Senior Character TD @ 3Lateral Studio. I've been testing Ziva while it was in the beta stage and I was amazed by the results and the quality. Ever since, I've wanted to get involved more."

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