Leaf Frog

Ludwig Ek

January 19, 2020

About the Project

In just 7 weeks, student and aspiring 3D Generalist, Ludwig Ek, completed his first full quadruped project using Ziva VFX, along with all aspects of the production pipeline, from modelling and look dev to environments and rendering. "I wanted to make a Gliding leaf frog, so I could try out skin sliding and muscle simulation on a very small scale. I think it turned out to be a very cool looking creature!"

Getting STarted

Previously, Ludwig had relied on Maya's nCloth for his creature work but admits to having difficulty getting the results he wanted. According to Ludwig...

"nCloth was always such a slow process and had such long simulation times. This was an important project for me because this was my chance to showcase my abilities and passion to create cool and realistic creatures before graduation. I needed it to work quickly and still look good. That would be difficult to accomplish with nCloth, but at the time, I didn't know what else to use."

While fighting through his initial muscle simulation with nCloth, Ludwig was introduced to Ziva VFX through a talented Rigging TD at Important Looking Pirates. His friend urged him to make the switch to Ziva after having stumbled upon Ziva himself back in May, 2019.

Greyscale frog mesh

"I quickly realized how much simpler and more fun Ziva was! The software is still technical, but just enough for me to handle. They've done a great job making it easy enough for even students to learn. I'm so happy I found Ziva!"

Ludwig Ek, Student
Lookdev model of frog with full textures

Using Ziva Vfx

Over the next few weeks, Ludwig spent all of his free time building the gliding leaf frog scene and simulation. According to Ludwig, "I wanted to show off the flexible and lean muscles on the tiny creature, so I made sure the muscle excitation was quite low. There is minimal jiggle appendages and only a little around the abdomen. The scale is probably one of the most unique features about my character and I knew it needed to be different from the other simulations on the Ziva website."

Ludwig believes that the main advantage of using Ziva was the rapid simulation speed. He was able to simulate a lot of muscles in a short amount of time and this allowed him to make multiple iterations and learn along the way, "Ziva was very useful, especially since I am new to the game. I was unsure of how things will turn out beforehand, but it all happened so quickly that I didn't even have to worry about my timelines."

"Ziva's online community is great! Everyone on the forum is so helpful and students can get assistance from both the Ziva Team and other industry professionals!"

Ludwig Ek, Student

Ludwig Ek

"I see myself more as a Creative rather than a technical person, but I still love Ziva. If you're like me, you just have to keep going and don't be scared to ask questions. Ziva will definitely help you make great results."

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Leaf Frog

Ludwig Ek, Student
December 10, 2019