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Autodesk ® Maya
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Dynamics creatures with lifelike physics

Ziva VFX is changing the way 3D characters are brought to life for films, games, and interactive experiences. With Ziva's intuitive toolset, artists can replicate the effects of physics and simulate any soft-tissue material, including muscles, fat, and skin to create blockbuster-quality assets with ease.


  • Take large timesteps with stable and invertible FEM
  • Use multiple material types, producing robust motion even under large deformations: StVK, NeoHookean, co-rotational, anisotropic
  • Collide objects using automatic collision detection and response
  • Add physical attachments between objects and paint where they are attached
  • Embed arbitrary triangle meshes into your simulated solids
  • Simulate thin shells (for skin)
  • Paint muscle fiber directions, then excite/contract a muscle using scripted muscle activation forces
  • Goal elastic solids to externally animated triangle meshes, for automatic addition of secondary motion
  • Paint nearly everything: attachment areas, muscle fibers, muscle strength, tet-mesh resolution, material properties
  • Use multiple types of physical damping
  • Cache simulations to RAM or disk for fast playback and/or restarting
  • Exactly preserve volume, even under large deformations
  • Script and pipeline your rig using Maya MEL, or using our open-source Python tools

+ Workstation requirements

  • Operating System
    Microsoft® Windows® 10, version 1809 or higher.
    Microsoft® Windows® 11
    Linux CentOS 7.6-7.9 operating system
    Maya 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023
  • Hardware
    64-bit Intel® or AMD®
    RAM: 8 GB of RAM (16 GB or more recommended)
    Disk Space: 7 GB of free disk space for install
    GPU: NVIDIA® graphics card with Turingarchitecture support (Minimum Compute Capability: 7.5 ; Graphics driver compatibility: CUDA 11.8)

Greater control

Ziva VFX lets you simulate the materiality of any soft-tissue, using intuitive parameters and real-world units. Everything was purpose-built for creature work.

Scalable Results

Ziva Anatomy Transfer tools let you replicate, warp, and retarget creatures rapidly – so you can adapt and multiply your existing creatures for infinite hero-quality characters.

Faster changes

Character alterations can be applied retroactively at nearly anytime. Simply adapting the underlying anatomy of your characters will allow you to react faster to changes and last minute decisions.
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License Pricing

Use the world's leading soft tissue simulation software for all of your character needs.



Explore Ziva VFX for free before you purchase.

  • 60 Day Access
  • Access to all upgrades
  • Available for server-run studios
  • Full access to Ziva Community
  • Not available for commercial asset production



Pay as you go: Unlock the entire Ziva VFX toolset every month for your independent projects.

  • Billed Monthly or Annually
  • Access to all upgrades
  • Full access to Ziva Community
  • Available for productions under $500k in total annual revenue or funding.
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Ideal for single studio locations. Simulate better, faster characters for productions of all sizes.

  • 365 Day Access
  • Access to all upgrades
  • Available for server-run studios
  • Full access to Ziva Community
  • 100% available for commercial asset production
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Try our free assets

Simulation-ready assets like Lila the Cheetah are available now for you to use in your evaluation of Ziva VFX. Visit the store for access!

The Toolset to replicate Anything

Ziva VFX includes an array of out-of-the-box artist/rigging tools, purpose built for creature work. All inputs are based in real-world units and accurately simulate the relationship between physics and biology. Discover everything you need to replicate living things, right out of the box. Ziva VFX tools include:

Embedded FEM
All objects are computed with consideration to the embedded surface, simplifying the creation of physics-abiding tetrahedral models.
Material properties
Assign infinite real-world material layers to a single object to make solid objects behave just like their real-world counterparts.
Muscle Excitation
Make your characters' muscles flex and fire automatically when muscle contraction occurs during your animation sequence
Collide objects using automatic collision detection and response with organic volume conservation.
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Ziva VFX license for only

$1,800 USD

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available. Compatible with virtual machines.
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Easy painting: attachment areas, muscle fibers, muscle strength, tet mesh resolution, material properties, etc.
Add sliding or fixed attachments between objects and intuitively paint where they are attached.
muscle growth
Instantly multiple the effects of muscle excitation with the Muscle Growth parameter setting for greater definition or shot-specific alterations.
External Forces
Combine the effects of any standard Maya Field with the organic physics and volume conservation of Ziva.
Goal elastic solids to externally animated triangle meshes for instant secondary motion.
Cache simulations to RAM or disk for fast playback and/or restarting.
Script and pipeline using Maya MEL or open-source Python tools.
Much more....

More to do with Ziva vfx...

Add Dynamics to Existing Rigs
Add a physical-correction on top of any existing character rig with Ziva's goaling attachment. This lightweight approach corrects unwanted stretch and adds contacts and plausible secondary motion to your non-Ziva assets.
Create adorable, jiggly creatures by simulating a single volume on top of a simple skeleton. This approach is ideal for feature animation - capturing the bulk, volume, and secondary dynamics of a character with unparalleled ease.
Correct Trouble Areas
Quickly fix trouble spots on your existing rigs. Ziva can be used to effortlessly correct common obstacles such as hand pronation/suspension, neck muscle movement and excitation, torso rigidity and twisting, and lifelike belly inertia/jiggle.

Learn the fundamentals of Ziva VFX quickly with the help of our detailed Ziva Resources section.

Tutorial video | 6:53

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Volume Preservation

Ziva’s advanced volume preservation capability is one of the key features that enables Ziva users to achieve more realistic deformation results than with any other character rigging software on the market.

Our plugin offers multiple ways to control, adjust, and perfect your tissue’s volume preservation levels using the built-in Material parameters.

Ziva VFX Webinar | 43:04

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Muscle Rigging Demo

The latest LIVE with ZIVA webinar recording features a detailed walkthrough of the deltoid and pectoral muscle rigging process, starting from scratch.

This forty-five minute demonstration is hosted by Ziva Technical Director Andy van Straten.

Tutorial video | 9:23

Watch Now

Automated Muscle Firing

Ziva's Automatic Muscle Firing function was purpose-built to fill the needs of character creators

This capability allows creators to achieve natural muscle excitation results without any additional assistance from an animator or any inorganic shot sculpting.
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