Maya 2018 Speed Notice:

Maya 2018 has a performance bug causing meshes, that normally take a few milliseconds to process in Maya 2016, to take multiple seconds in Maya 2018. This is independent of Ziva's plugin and can easily be triggered entirely with built-in deformers.

If you're using more than 1 simulation substep per frame (zSolver.substeps > 1), then this Maya problem may be triggered and can significantly slow down everything.

The workaround is to set Maya to playback at the same rate as the solver substeps. For example, if zSolver.substeps = 4, then set "Playback by" in the Time Slider preferences to be 0.25 = 1/4 to match.
Having speed issues in Maya 2018?

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Created by Ghost VFX
in-house Test/R&D Team
Currently Serving:

Autodesk ® Maya
version 2014 – 2018

Available for OS: 



Current Version:


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Why use ZIVA VFX?


Achieve rich, real-world physics and secondary dynamics on any simulation. With ZIVA VFX, everything collides, jiggles, and stretches organically. Learn More


Improve fidelity, modify shapes, and shift art direction while preserving character essentials. Prequels, sequels, and edit have never been easier. Learn More

Improved Characters

Add dynamics to any pre-existing Maya build. Improve your non-Ziva feature animation characters, inanimate objects, or lifelike simulations instantly. Learn More

The Toolset to build characters
with real physics

Studio Licenses now only

$1,800 USD

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*Includes all upgrades. Auto-renewal every 365 days. Perpetual licenses still available upon request.
Add Dynamics to Existing Rigs
Add a physical-correction on top of any existing character rig with our goaling attachment. This lightweight approach corrects unwanted stretch and adds contacts and plausible secondary motion.
make FEATURE ANIMATION with physics
Create rudimentary characters easily with a single volume on top of a skeleton. This approach is ideal for feature animation - capturing the bulk, volume, and secondary dynamics of a character.
Correct Trouble Areas
  1. – Correct hand pronation-supination
  2. – Correct neck shape with precise neck muscle movement
  3. – Correct upper-body rigidity under twisting
  4. – Correct thigh skin shape due to quadriceps muscle excitation
  5. – Add life-like belly fat secondary motion (inertia and gravity)
  6. – Correct elbow self-collisions

Pricing for Ziva VFX Licenses:

Use the world's leading soft tissue simulation software for all of your character needs.



Available for new commercial entities and hobbyists.

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  • 60 Day Access
  • Access to all upgrades
  • Available for server-run studios
  • Full access to Ziva Community
  • Not available for commercial asset production



Pay as you go: Unlock the entire ZIVA VFX toolset every month for your independent creations.

  • Billed Monthly or Annually
  • Access to all upgrades
  • Monthly auto-renewal available
  • Annual EFT payment available
  • Full access to Ziva Community
  • Available for individuals working on productions under $500k in total annual revenue or funding.
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Ideal for single studio locations. Simulate better, faster characters for productions of all sizes.

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  • 365 Day Access
  • Access to all upgrades
  • Annual auto-renewal
  • Annual EFT payment available
  • Available for server-run studios
  • Full access to Ziva Community
  • 100% available for commercial asset production
  • Perpetual licenses still available upon request. Contact us for more details.
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ZIVA VFX lets you do more:

Use multiple material types, producing robust motion: StVK, NeoHookean, co-rotational, anisotropic
Collide objects using automatic collision detection and response with organic volume conservation.
Elastic Solids
Goal elastic solids to externally animated triangle meshes for instant secondary motion.
Easy painting: attachment areas, muscle fibers, muscle strength, tet-mesh resolution, material properties, etc.
Cache simulations to RAM or disk for fast playback and/or restarting.
Script and pipeline using Maya MEL, or our open-source Python tools.
Embed arbitrary triangle meshes into your simulated solids.
Muscle Firing
Excite/contract a muscle using scripted muscle activation forces.
Preserve volume with extreme precision, even under large deformations.
Use multiple types of physical damping.
Cloth Fitting
Simulate thin shells for skin and fascia that automatically shrink-wrap to internal objects.
Add physical attachments between objects and paint where they are attached.
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“Ziva’s FEM muscle and skin simulation was the last piece of the puzzle we'd been longing for to achieve realistic looking, physically plausible Creature FX.”

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"It is the best muscle plugin we've found. It brings extra realism to our creatures via physically plausible muscle FX. It is a great improvement to have Ziva integrated into our workflow."

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"Ziva was instrumental in helping Sony create the most realistic muscle and skin simulations for our CG characters to date. Ziva's outstanding results speak for themselves."

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“ZIVA VFX software keeps us at the cutting edge of character work, shortens our teams’ iteration loops, and give us more creative flexibility to focus on doing better work.”

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