Creating Ziva Tissues

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Creating a new tissue object is easy with ZIVA VFX. Simply follow these four basic steps to turn any object into a Ziva Tissue:

  1. Select the Maya poly-mesh object that you wish the simulate, 
  2. Click Ziva Menu
  3. Hover over Add Simulation Component
  4. Then, select “Tissue”

This automatically turns the Maya object into a Ziva Tissue and applies physics to the object. Your new Ziva Tissue object is an arbitrary mesh, so you are not restricted by any need for muscle primitives or NURBS tubes when creating your tissue object. Essentially, you can articulate the tissue however you like, at any resolution you like. Fidelity is completely up to you. 

You can visualize your object's new tissue property by playing your simulation. Unlike before, once you click play, your tissue object will fall in the scene as a direct results of the newly applied physics.

To most effectively play back a Ziva simulation ensure that one of the two “play every frame” options, found under the “Playback Speed” setting in Maya, is selected. This will give you the most lifelike visualization of your tissue.

April 16, 2017

ZIVA VFX is really awesome! It brings the creature simulation to a whole new level. But I was wondering, is there any way to mirror the tissues and attachment settings from one side to the other side easily?Say I have a set of fully symmetrical muscle meshes (the topology is symmetrically the same), after complex attachment and parameter test in one side, could I mirror these settings to the opposite side via any ZIVA native function?

April 29, 2017

Hey guys, just wondering if you have any "best practices" or recommended workflows for producing believable results on tissues with openings that you want to drive with the fem solve? Examples:Your creature has large gashes missing (i.e. a zombie or wounded animal) that need to sag appropriately.Your creature has a mouth in it's stomach that you want to drive with an orbital muscle.Your creature is humanoid and you're using ziva to build/enhance jaw opening or eye shapes...