Ziva VFX 1.8 Overview

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Release Overview

Ziva VFX 1.8 includes minor improvements across a various performance avenues. Most notably, the new addition of‘Register License’ function marks another way that Ziva is simplifying and accelerating the Ziva VFX license installation process for both Node-Locked and Floating license holders. This new Registration tool is now the recommended way to install a Ziva VFX license. You an Learn how it works here: License Registration.

Additional improvements include:

  • Attachments with all-zero source weights will no longer affect on the simulation. Previously, it would prompt an error and stop the simulation from running.
  • Creature modification can now take place before the simulation start frame. Modifications still have no effect until returning to the start frame, so this change is mostly a workflow convenience. This used to trigger an error in the command doing the modification.
  • Program now searches the Ziva VFX Maya Module path for a license file, in addition to all previous search locations (the working directory, the plugin path, and the zivadyn_LICENSE environment variable) for easier license setup.
  • Add Performance Tuning section to the docs, explaining how to tune/optimize a setup to run faster.
  • Overhaul the backend logging system. This is mostly to simplify future development. There should be no visible changes, except possibly bugs in text formatting. As always, please report any such bugs.
April 16, 2018

Yes, Maya 2018 is one of the slower Maya releases. Unfortunately, it has a horrible performance bug causing meshes that take a few milliseconds to process in Maya 2016 to take multiple seconds in Maya 2018. This is independent of Ziva's plugin and can easily be triggered entirely with built-in deformers. If you're using more than 1 simulation substep per frame (zSolver.substeps > 1), then this Maya problem may be triggered and can significantly slow down everything.

February 5, 2020

Hi Joseph, Thanks for reaching out and your interest in Ziva! As Andy asked, are you a current Ziva customer or do you have an evaluation license?
Once you have a Ziva license. All Ziva license files and installers can be found within your Ziva User Account. Here are the steps:

  1. Log into our e-store here - https://store.zivadynamics.com/
  2. Top right corner, hover over your username
  3. Drop down arrow to "Licenses"
  4. Click on the license you need
  5. You will see "Downloads"

For license setup, please refer to our documentation here: https://zivadynamics.com/resources/success-checklist. Please let us know if you have further questions. Happy Simming!