Ziva VFX 1.922 Overview

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Software Update


  • Add support for Maya 2022
  • Discontinue support for Maya 2018 and older
  • Add zRivetToBone removal to the ‘Ziva Menu’. See Menus for details.
  • Muscle excitation color is now customizable via the “Muscle Fiber Color Ramp” in zSolver node.

Bug Fixes

  • The flag for setting the default solver in ziva and zQuery commands are renamed from -def to -ds. Previously, this flag could not be used from python scripts, like cmds.ziva(def=”foo”), because it conflicts with the Python def keyword. The old -def flag is now deprecated and will be removed in the next release. MEL scripts using -def must be edited to use -ds instead.
  • The envelope and weights attributes of new base zMaterial node are now locked. Previously, after the default base zMaterial nodes is replaced by new node, the envelope and weights attributes of the new base zMaterial node become editable. This is misleading because base material’s envelope and weights are always 1.0.
  • Attributes of zTet that have no effect if animated are no longer keyable: tetSize, surfaceRefinement,and refinementPropagation.
  • Subtissues would continue to draw in the viewport after being removed.